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Service Philosophy 

You have a mission statement defining the purpose of your company.

Do you have a service philosophy? 

Is it in line with your mission statement?   

 Do your employees know your philosophy?   

Gold Star Consulting will review your mission statement and help you create a service philosophy that is in line with your business philosophy and mission statement.

 Training Development

Your first guests are your employees.  How they are treated will reflect how they treat others, coworkers and guests alike.  

What is your on-boarding process?  How are you training your new hires?  Are they getting a formal training?  Are they learning the company's philosophy and expectations? 

Gold Star Consulting will help you create a new hire training as well as a refresher training for current employees.  The training can be in addition to job specific training or stand alone.   

Startup Team
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 Service Management

Are you monitoring your social media?  Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, even GlassDoor Reviews?   

Gold Star Consulting can help you monitor your online presence and assist with reviews and follow up.  Or simply getting you started with how to monitor and respond to comments.    


Having a hard time hiring staff? 

Let us help you create an interview process that emphasizes service and identifies a good hire. 


You have a team, but something still isn't right? 

Let us spend some time with your team from the top down, sometimes an outsider can help identify issues that are holding you back. 



Gold Star Consulting can create seminars fit for your industry and all levels of staff.   In today's age many issues in service, stem from people just not knowing what they don't know.  As simple as it is, with manypeople communicating through text messages and social media, basic social cues are not known.   Let us help teach the basic principles of good service.    

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