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Are You a Service Focused Leader?

When you think of a great experience and great service what comes to mind? Disney, Zappos, The Four Seasons ? These companies exude excellent service, people go back, people pay the money, and why, for the service.

Why do these companies have such great service? How do they do it? It’s simple, it starts at the top. Respectfully, Walt Disney, Tony Hsieh, and Isadore Sharp all knew that if you want to be successful, you need to provide a memorable experience. It’s not just about the product, it’s about the experience.

Disney, Hsieh, and Sharp believed in service and led by example creating a service culture, always keeping the guest, customer or client in mind. I’m sure you’re saying well that’s easy for them to do, they’re multi-million dollar companies. Well newsflash, they didn’t start that way. They worked hard to become successful with much of their success stemming from service. Walt Disney failed so many times as an animator, he kept reinventing himself using new techniques and then bringing his animation to life in Disneyland. The 1955 opening of Disneyland was an absolute failure, but Walt and his team worked day and night to improve the park and the experience for their guests. The Four Seasons started at a motor lodge in Toronto, with a focus on the business traveler and amenities, those complimentary soaps and shampoos, all started at The Four Seasons, along with 24/7 room service. The main rule at The Four Seasons, treat others how you want to be treated. Zappos prides itself on being powered by service, and a human connection, you can always talk to someone and it’s an unscripted, real, untimed conversation. All three of these companies have a serious service culture and all of them have training programs that are sought after.

Why think about this, because as a business leader, service starts with you. How are you leading by example? If you want your team to provide good service, you need to lead the way. As a business owner, you need to do some reflection. What is your service philosophy? Do you believe in good service? How do you show it? What are your policies? What sets you apart from your competitors? Are you setting an example for service? Remember, you are only good as your weakest link and you don’t want to be the weakest link in service. It’s one thing to believe in service it’s another to lead by example and show your team how it’s done.

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